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Blade & Bow: See “Crossed Swords Inn”.

Crossed Swords Inn: Inn in Hawthorne. Renamed the “Blade and Bow” in honour of Berenn and Nedeal. Destroyed by a fire before Goodmonth 588.

Curious Stag, Inn of the: A hostelry on the road between Womtham and Rel Mord. Here, on Growfest 5, 587, as the Nyronese army rested after the first Battle of Womtham, a conclave of faiths debated their support of Lynwerd, eventually affirming him.

Cut, The: Hostelry in Anuren.

Drallan’s Fine Key-House: A more upmarket hostelry in Fax, run by a gnoll.

Fallen Oliphant: A hostelry of dubious repute in Rel Mord. Site of a notable party on Planting 10, 587, after the Council of War Companies.

Flagons at Dawn: A grimy hostelry in the port of Fax.

Foamy Star: Hostelry in Mithat, owned by Alwerd Elnorath.

Frolicking Swan: Hostelry in Womtham as of Wealsun 589.

Galdas Door: Hostelry in Installin.

Giddy Guardsman: Hostlery in Ventharyl.

Golden Bow Inn: A hostelry in Midmeadow, run by Liranna Rhonfyl, sister of Haolden and Galain.

Golden Coat: Hostelry in Womtham.

Golden Gill: Ruined hostelry northeast of Drencaris Keep.

Golden Wain: A hostlery in Mithat, close to Drymakus’s ambush of the Fellowship in Flocktime 589.

Green Dragon: A hostelry in Greyhawk.

Green Lobster: Hostlery in Arneven.

Green Peaks Inn: A hostelry in Greyhawk City. Has a gate to Rel Mord beneath it. Built on the remains of an old barracks.

Hearth and Hound: Hostelry in Mithat, run by Fallnyr and owned by Alwerd Elnorath.

Hippogriff: Hostlery in Ventharyl.

Lord of the Seas: Hostlery in Mithat implicated in an Ahlissan slavery ring. Visited by the Fellowship on Flocktime 14, 589.

Luk-Out: A gambling establishment in Fax.

Lyre and Lute: Hostelry in Mithat, where Enloreth may be met.

Marble Hearth Inn: A palatial hostelry in Borneven.

Men O’Steel: Hostelry in Rel Mord, offering free lodging to those with the freedom of the city.

Nine Fires Inn: Premier inn of Midmeadow. Kept by Parrandis.

Nymph Inn: Hostlery one day’s travel from Cryburgh and one day from Hawthorne. Ralbo slain here on Planting 14, 586.

One Lamp, The: Fine hostelry in Rel Mord, frequented by the Dawn Watch. Hostelry in Rel Mord, offering free lodging to those with the freedom of the city.

Prow Inn: A hostlery in Mowbrenn. Also a hostelry in Rel Mord.

Red Hind: A hostlery in Mithat frequented by mercenaries.

Riverman’s Repose: Hostelry in Rel Mord, offering free lodging to those with the freedom of the city.

Roc and Oliphant: Hostelry in Greyhawk.

Rock Inn: A hostelry in Trigol.

Ship Inn: A hostelry in Rel Mord.

Silver Clipper: Hostlery in Mithat implicated in an Ahlissan slavery ring. Owned by Kariegan.

Snow Stag: Hostelry in Gavraine’s Wheel.

Star of Celene: Olven hostelry in Greyhawk, ruined during the Siege of Greyhawk and burned by the olve themselves.

Swan Inn: A hostlery in Rel Mord, much favoured by the Fellowship. Badly burned when the Fellowship were ambushed there on Planting 10, 587. Rebuilt by Planting 589. Once more a blackened husk in Wealsun 589, after a fire on Flocktime 10, which killed all inside.

Swan Inn: Hostelry in Womtham, where Gaviayle Silverblade arranged the hiring of mercenaries during Goodmonth 589.

Swordsman’s Rest: Hostelry in Hawthorne.

Tower Inn: Hostlery in Midmeadow, ruined but rebuilt by Sunsebb 588.

White Bridge: A hostelry in Oldred, owned by Kuleshannir and Kariegan.

White Swan: A hostelry in Trigol.

Other Sites

Afan and Endir, Falls of: Waterfall in the Lortmils near Tharir Il Fuir, where Corellion is said to have come with Labellas after a defeat in the Kinslayer Wars, to be comforted by Afan and Endir. Priests seen there bore a symbol with a red sword bisecting a stylised golden harp (seemingly symbols of Rillifane and Labellas, respectively).

Ai’Epsilliath: Chamber of the Splintered Song, sited beneath Kinemeet in the Bandit Lands. Home of the spirit Cymnaroone L’Dioril. Also holds a council hall and was the place of the forging of Woesinger.

Ai’Firrioth: The Hall of Doors, sited beneath the Bandit Lands. A nexus point of the Imraddi – underground roads. Also a place from which certain extra-planar realms may be reached.

Arrowhead Crock: Large rock formation in the fork of the river Yoll. Evil things do not approach too close to it. Covered with shallow caves, with strange smooth patches atop the stone.

Azor’Alq: Seven rocky peaks rising from the sea west and north of Ekbir, a day’s sail from Haradar. On Harvester 18, 587, Cranzer’s attempt to summon Tiamat using Tuir Shuirek was thwarted here.

Crater Lake: A site in the Felreev where Curan was slain and Nedeal cured of vampirism on Reaping 23, 586.

Crystal Springs: Several days travel from Borneven, a collection of narrow valleys amid high, rocky ground. A decoy/trap was laid there during the search for Lynwerd.

Dioras’s Dyke: Massive earthworks around the city of Mithat, raised in 584.

Doors of Womtham: Enruned Adamantite doors 100ft tall, buried far beneath Womtham, in tunnels predating the olve-dwor wars. According to Oberend, it penned in some dark will.

Dumatharrow: Palish name for a river near Urgburz that flows west from the Rakers.

El’elonde: A stream in the Clatspurs which led to the resting place of Caylennia.

Fimterrylor:  An extra-planar realm from which Kayben rescued Kalinrand. Reachable from Ai’Firrioth.

Finwayn/Finrayne Monastery: Place where Gwen Korenfloss recuperated after her attempted suicide during the rescue of Lynwerd.

Hill of Kalinrand: Hill with a ruined tower near to Hawthorne. Home to Ilyerthax. Contains great wealth beneath, according to Kallaith.

Kariegan’s House: House in Rel Mord, opposite the ruins of the Swan Inn, given to the Fellowship on Wealsun 15, 589, along with the servants Somlamm and Lafarel. Burned to the ground some time before Sunsebb 589.

Khannad Glacier: Glacier north of Zirkhannad, along which the Fellowship passed in Flocktime 590.

Lion Haven: Fortified estate of House Lorec in Mithat. Originally the White Haven.

Lorec Span: Bridge in Womtham, collapsed by Ghilseen on the first day of the second Battle of Womtham.

Maugren Vale: Populous valley in the Rakers, site of some of the Palish iron mines.

Maurburg: Orc hold in the Rakers, southeast of Tannelgair.

Meadowbode: Former manor of Kalinrand, near to Hawthorne. Rebuilt and fortified upon his return in 586.

Moradruin: Palish name for a river near Urgburz and north of the Dumatharrow that flows west from the Rakers.

Mortauroth: Lonely mountain in the Flinty Hills, a day west of Sternhelm Hall. A fortress sits upon its flank, and it is infested with rock scorpions of unusual size. In its rock was discovered a great golden cylinder, tunnels not of any known race’s make, dwor of the lost city of Tuvetaal Nirev locked in frozen battle with an illithid, illithid bodies, .

Nhelrid River: River in the Rakers, flowing into Maugren Vale.

Peacock Theatre: A playhouse in Rel Mord, which performed Haolden’s earliest works. Owned by Denyari Hestin.

Raeldth Tal: Massive, flat-topped mountain south of Pirrmanthyr. The Fellowship crossed its shoulder on Wealsun 23, 590.

Rel Heben: Royal palace in Rel Mord. Its protective magics were laid down by Rendallian Salterri.

Saruingdor Drygaine: Seat of the royal Kellnar family of Nyrond. “Burnished Vale of Warming Words.” Site of the Second Council of War Companies in Planting 589. It includes the Stonegrange, which has pillars carved in hidden Dnendan script.

Siloquere Pass: Pass over the Rakers from the Pale. Tannelgair stands at its western end and Pirrmanthyr close to its highest point.

Silver Crest Sea College: Place of learning in Mithat.

“Silver Tower”: Site described by Kariegan as the heart of the Hextorian conspiracy against Lynwerd and Nyrond.

Sineary’s Field: Site of the Battle of the Keepsake.

“Slaver Cave”: Cave in a cove west of Mithat, entered by the Fellowship on Flocktime 14, 589, and containing many strange sights. The words “Tithnor Erie” were used to gain entry. Decorated panels depicted the life of a figure indicated as a child of Beory and Pelor.

Stonebattle: Two days travel from Trigol. Site of an ambush by Drymakus and death of Gerralin Flynn.

Tower of Oirlas: Tower near to Meadowbode, held by bandits in Growfest 586.

Vellduin: Mountain on the Pass of Siloquere, into which the deeps of Pirrmanthyr descend.

Vindalonde: Ruins on the east bank of the Yoll, nigh to the Phostwood. Loryiaedis and Ilyerthax spoke there before their battle.

Yunari’s Armourers: Armoursmithing shop in Mithat’s Flame Shops district.


Battle Between Mountain and Sea: (Approx. 1,000 years before present.) Fought under the light of Duferre/Sthakar/Sapphire Serpent. The forces of Tharir Il Fuir are destroyed.

Battle of Shillone: Dunstan I of Nyrond destroys House Gellaine at Shilloward.

Battle of Cora’s Ride: Flocktime 3, 586. Orcish forces preparing to attack Hawthorne are scattered by Tenhas and the Fellowship.

Battle of Hawthorne: Flocktime 8, 586. Tenha and Nyronese forces defeat orcish attackers.

Battle of Meadowbode: Flocktime 10, 586. Orcish and Palish forces are defeated by the Fellowship and their allies. Sharkak and Golencose are slain.

Battle of Borneven: Ready’reat 12, 586. A leaderless Nyronese force is destroyed outside the seceded city of Borneven by a Valorous League army.

Battle of Womtham, The First: Growfest 3, 587. A massive horde from the Bone March overruns the city of Womtham, forcing the Nyronese defenders to flee. Belvor of Furyondy, Skotti of Keoland and the Sultan of Ket fought alongside Nyrond. Hanshall’s Charge gained the defenders time to flee.

The Battle of the Keepsake: Planting 1, 587. Fought on Sineary’s Field. The Bone March horde is annihilated by the combined forces of the olve, the dwor, Nyrond and the North Province.

The Fourth Crusade: Launched by the Theocracy of the Pale in 588 to reclaim (and conquer) Tenh from fiendish forces.

Siege of Greyhawk: Readying 588, lifted on Readying 20. Turrosh Mak’s forces assail the Jewel of the Flannaess and come close to taking it.

Battle of Tharir Il Fuir: Flocktime 11, 588. Dyrdrae’s crusade culminates with victory over the corrupted elves of Tharir Il Fuir. Ended with Dyrdrae’s victory over Aengen.

Second Siege of Greyhawk: Wealsun 588, to the 25th. Forces led by Dyrdrae Kinaegis overthrow the Valorous League forces commanding the city.

Battle of Wandandyr: Harvester 12, 588, ten leagues south of Strun. Tenha forces commanded by Morluir and Cora, together with the Fellowship (sans Kayben) destroy the Hatherleigh Silver Cyte of the Pale. In the subsequent Battle of Myrnsayer, the besieging Palish forces were likewise destroyed.

Battle of the Zumdar Valley: Ready’reat 5, 588. A Tenha force under Cora, together with the Fellowship, attack one ba’atezu fiend that becomes four. Evan accounts for two, Kayben another, and the mage Tenyun the last. However, 250 of the 1,200 Tenhas died and a similar number were wounded.

Battle on the Shore: Flocktime 14, 589. Aided by Derrigaine and forces of various faiths in Mithat, the Fellowship defeat a group of Ahlissan slavers from Prymp in a cove a few miles west of the city.

Battle of the Blazebane: Flocktime 16, 589. An array of forces, including the Dawn Watch, fight for possession of shards of the Staff of Law. The Dawn Watch are victorious and the Blazebane and three miles of the Almorian coastline are destroyed.

Battle of Parrengal: Flocktime 25, 589. A force led by the Fellowship attacks various mercenary bands at Parrengal Keep. Initial skirmishes took place on Flocktime 24, with prisoners captured. With the aid of the spells of Karyis and Haolden, a victory was won. However, a wait ensued while the keep was besieged. The final assault came on the 27th and was won by the forces of Gellorian Dungaine, aided by the Fellowship, Derrigaine and Roel and Kinyon of the Griffon. In the search of the keep subsequently, Karyis and Sturaris were slain by a fiend.

Battle of the Harp: Reaping 590. Szeffrin and the forces of Almor defeat and drive back the forces of Nyrond.

Siege of Womtham: Goodmonth 3-16, 590. Szeffrin and a force containing as many as 300 fiends, 30 fiend knights and Hextorian troops assail Womtham but the general himself is slain by Lynwerd and Cora. The 3rd saw probing assaults, the 4th-14th no assault. On the 15th, it was announced that Szeffrin had disallowed Hieronean-Hextorian single combats and siege engines were drawn up.

Battle of Womtham, The Second: Goodmonth 17, 590. Szeffrin’s army assults the walls of Womtham in a series of waves, eventually forcing the defenders to give up the east wall and withdraw to the river. As the south gate fell, word came of 3,000 Tenha cavalry in Loryiaelorian mail approaching. A force of 500-600 was gathered, all bearing enchanted weapons, to strike at Szeffrin as the north wall was abandoned. Lynwerd’s charge reached Szeffrin, and together he and Cora slew the Cold Duke.

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