Above all else, I’m a writer. With the previous site I used for my stories now defunct, I plan to start filling up this place with pieces new and old, both short stories and fragments of larger works.


The Schemer’s Price – A tale of an ill-made bargain and an attempt to escape it..

The Axeman – A fable about why one should be careful around large men with axes.

Science Fiction

Marguerite – One of my favourite short stories, about the man I call the Courier, in over his head and all because of a woman…

Life and Death on the Edge of Unreason – On an observation platform orbiting an incipient supernova, someone has died. It’s up to Jonah Stark to figure out why…


Poison – An encounter on the dance floor proves that sometimes you just can’t judge by appearance.

Carnivoria – What happens when a new thought enters the mind of one not prepared for it?

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