The LiveJournal Years

From 2005 to 2011, I maintained my main blog on LiveJournal. Below are links to digests of my posts from those years, in PDF form.

2005: Wherein I get the hang of this blogging thing.

2006: A year of a lot of writing and more thoughts on the world.

2007: New correspondents, new experiences and struggles with writing.

2008: Hitting the wall in writing terms but still blogging.

2009: A quiet year of many travels.

2010: A poor year generally, and LiveJournal takes a downturn.

2011: Goodbye to all that – new beginnings and bite-sized reviews.

3 thoughts on “The LiveJournal Years”

  1. You know I have to comment on this one. I love this synopsis, the years SO well captured… All the way up to the tragic beginnings of Russian spam dominance (and most of our flight elsewhere) in 2010. Still, you were one of the main reasons I kept coming to that site, even if only to read, year after year. Glad you’re still sharing your thoughts with the world, wherever those thoughts get hosted.

    1. First comment on the new site – many thanks! It’s good to be able to hold on to the LiveJournal pieces here – I’ll delete the account before too long, I think, but keeping backups is a handy thing.

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