So, Vladivostok…

…at last we meet.

After more than ten thousand kilometres by rail and sea (I’ll figure out exactly how many some day) I hit Vladivostok before dawn this morning. And promptly went for an espresso to wake me up. I need a shower and a change of clothes. Possibly a change of skin too. We’ll see.

The San Francisco of the East is building its own Golden Gate to connect the east and west halves of the city. There are few things more delicate-looking than half-completed bridges, and this one was doubly so this morning, wreathed in mist and silhouetted against the eastern sky. When it’s finished, it will be magnificent, soaring over the city’s main street. For now, it’s a massive building site, but still magnificent in its own way.

I’d hate to be the person who has to climb to work each day in one of those high cranes though…

5 thoughts on “So, Vladivostok…”

  1. This is an incredible photo – feats of engineering seem so much more amazing when you see them in process, don’t they? And welcome to the other half of the world… or almost. Utterly stupendous, this trip. Rock on. 🙂

    1. The full-size version is even better, and on the bank near the closer leg of the bridge (all that red scaffolding is temporary), there’s a little monument to (I think) merchant seamen who died in WWII. Amazing site – both my camera and my phone ran out of charge taking pictures that day.

  2. Epic photo and congratulations for making it the length of Russia with all of your internal organs still internal. I guess there’s time yet, but the odds are starting to run against the organleggers… 🙂

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